Course curriculum

    1. Introduction

    2. Planning Your Website

    1. Wix Premium Plans

    2. Creating a New Site and Website Templates

    3. Designing with the Wix ADI

    4. A Tour of the Website Dashboard

    5. Wix Website Settings

    1. Adding Pages and Design Elements

    2. Uploading Files and Images to the Media Library

    3. Building Layouts with Strips

    4. Measure Twice, Cut Once: The Wix Theme Manager

    5. Adding and Editing Text Elements

    6. Creating a Menu

    7. Building Your Footer

    8. Designing Buttons

    9. Finishing out the Home Page

    1. Creating an Email Subscription Pop-up

    2. Setting Up the Blog Page

    3. Setting Up the Video Page

    4. Setting Up the Forum

    5. Designing the About Page

    6. Designing the Contact Page

    7. Customizing Forms

    8. Adding Google Maps to Your Contact Page

    9. Setting Up a Wix E-commerce Store

    10. Adding Animation to Your Site

    11. A Tour of the Site So Far

    12. Optimizing for Mobile Devices

    13. Mobile Site Tour

    14. Blogging with Wix

    15. Advanced: Content Manager Tutorial

    1. Optimizing Your Website for Search Engines

    2. Setting Alt Text

    3. Connect Your Premium Plan and Domain Name

    4. Set Up Google Analytics

    1. Email Marketing

    2. Importing Contacts into Wix

    3. Check Your Traffic Analytics

    4. Check Your Site Speed

    5. Wix Automations

    6. What's Next

About this course

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  • 4 hours of video content

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